Potting Soil Gardeners Gold 1 cuft

Price: $ 11.99

If it grows, it grows better in Gardeners Gold! This potting soil is custom blended for a group we are part of. It is made up to a performance standard, and not down to a price. We all know you can go to the grocery store and get bags of "potting soil" for about 29 cents. This is not that. There is no comparison. Gardeners Gold is like what we use to grow all our plants, with a couple minor differences to benefit home gardeners. This does not have fertilizer in it (but then again, the kinds that do have so little as to be inconsequential) so be sure to get some Tina's Pixie Dust fertilizer to go  with, or maybe I should say to grow with :)

This is the smaller size for if you just need a little bit.Curbside pickup is available for these starting after 10 am on Saturday March 28th. Please give us a 4 hour "headstart" during business hours. Orders received after 2 pm will be ready the next day. We are making this up as we go along, so please bear with us. Our number one priority is making sure you are safe.

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