Wed-Sep 23- 2020 ^ Hydrangea Wreath

Price: $ 20.00

An armful of freshly-picked Pee Gee hydrangea flowers goes into each wreath. The cream, mauve, and chartreuse flowers are picked on the exact perfect day so that they may dry on your wreath and hold their color for several years. We've nurtured a bumper crop of hydrangeas this year, so we have lowered the price of this class! This is, by far, the easiest craft class of the year. You can practically make it with your eyes closed. Simply attach freshly harvested clusters of locally grown, chemical free , Pee Gee hydrangea blooms onto a ribbon-covered straw frame. The simple elegance of this wreath will compliment many varying styles of home dcor, from Country to Contemporary. This wreath will dry on your wall, and last for several years. When you get tired of it, spray it gold for the holidays.

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